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This section is dedicated to furthering the professional development for our teachers, as well as providing some additional information about Outdoor Education in Maryland.

Here, you can find information about MAEOE, Maryland Association of Environmental and Outdoor Education, the Children in Nature initiative, tips on how to make your school a Green School, and more!

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Teacher Resources

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This section is aimed at providing our teachers with information and resources to enhance their activities and lessons associated with environmental and outdoor education both in and out of the classroom.

MSDE Environmental Education - MDE’s education programs provide resources for classroom teachers, outdoor educators, club leaders, and others to teach students of all ages about our environment.

Bay Backpack - Learn some creative ways to integrate the Chesapeake Bay and environmental issues into your classroom lessons. Search through the Bay Backpack's books, multimedia, curriculum guides, individual lesson plans and online data sources about the subjects you are teaching in class.

MAEOE's How To: Native Plants  - Guide on choosing and finding native MD plants for your schoolyard habitat.

MAEOE MD Green Schools  - How to become a Maryland Green School.

Project WET Curriculum Alignments (Elementary) - Once certified in Project WET, consult this guide to incorporate the environmental lessons without needing to extend beyond the existing curriculum.  To learn more about Project WET, visit

Anne Arundel County Parks and Trails - Use this site to locate a listing of regional and community parks, trails and natural areas.

Anne Arundel County GIS Data Download - Site where a series of data layers collected from various departments throughout the county are available for download. These layers are posted for free and updated per the date listed as new information becomes available.

Aquatic Invasive Species Education Project - Aquatic Invasive Species Education trunk available on loan to Maryland educators! 

Maryland State Data Center (Department of Planning) - The MD Department of Planning has completed a set of projections for total and household population, households and household size, labor force, jobs by place of work, total and per capita personal income thru 2040.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Population statistics, teacher lessons and resources. This package of resources and lesson plans was developed to support social studies and science teachers in integrating these topics within the regular curriculum. Government, policy and planning, economics, geography, and a myriad of environmental issues are encompassed with the Sustainability and Smart Growth concept, and provides a rich source of topics for classroom investigations.

Maryland Biodiversity Project - Maryland Biodiversity Project is cataloging all the living things of Maryland. The goal is to promote eduication and conservation by helping to build a vibrant Maryland nature study community.

Maryland Sea Grant: Biofilms and Biodiversity - Biofilms are a hot topic in microbiology today. Scientists are studying the ways bacterial colonies form slimy layers, which can be resistant to antibiotics and the immune system, in hopes that new information will help us understand how the layers form, adhere to surfaces, and how they can be prevented.

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center - SERC's education department is committed to instilling environmental literacy by broadening society's understanding of the natural world using SERC's research findings as a foundational resource for public programs and STEM challenges that convey how human activities alter atmospheric, terrestrial, and aquatic ecosystems ona  regional and global scale.

USDA National Invasive Species Information Center - Gateway to invasice species information; covering federal, state, local and international sources.

USDA links of impacts of invasive species

Field Trip Opportunities:

Jug Bay Wetlands Sactuary

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Field Programs

Living Classrooms Foundation

Environmental Education State and National News:

Children in Nature  - MD Department of Natural Resources partnership

No Child Left Inside - Coalition dedicated to provide funding to train teachers to deliver high quality Environmental Education and utilize the local environment as an extension of the classroom.


AACPS Teacher Professional Development: Sign up for workshops to build your knowledge and skills in environmental and outdoor education.

AACPS ERO Master Calendar Sign-In

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Water Quality Data

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Green Schools

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Become a Maryland Green School!

The Maryland Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education (MAEOE) offers the Maryland Green School Awards Program to all Maryland public and private schools, as well as environmental centers serving Maryland schools. Schools that achieve Green School certification have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to environmental education, environmental action and community outreach.

MAEOE Green Schools & Green Centers

Current AACPS Green Schools List


What are the benefits of becoming a Green School?

* According to studies, students whose learning is connected to their environment do better in school.

* Working with the environment is a great way to integrate all academic disciplines.

* Achieving Green School status makes your school and community proud! Get the Green School flag to fly over your school!

* The process is engaging and fun for everyone!

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Professional Development

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Anne Arundel County Public Schools

ERO Master Calendar Sign-In  -  schedule for upcoming professional development for AACPS teachers. Sign up for workshops, and classes to further enhance your knowledge!

Sign up for the Arlington Echo Initiative and Confidence certification course!
This workshop will provide the necessary certification required to use the Initiative and Confidence Course that is located at the Arlington Echo Outdoor Education Center. The Initiative and Confidence Course is designed to develop teamwork and cooperation while promoting risk taking, responsibility, and respect through participation in physically challenging activities and a low-level obstacle course.

MAEOE Conference  -  Once a year conference open to educators interested in environmental and outdoor education.

MAEOE Calendar  - All MAEOE sponsored workshops and events.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Calendar  - CBF Calendar of events and workshops available.