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A collage of photos with a terrapin next to a quarter, students next to a terrapin, a large terrapin next to a small terrapin and a terrapin at the edge of a river.


T.E.R.P. (Terrapin Education and Research Partnership) is a supplemental classroom program. It operates under a Maryland Department of Natural Resources Scientific Collection Permit. Northern Diamondback Terrapins (Malaclemys terrapin) are placed in classrooms in October and released in May/June of the following year. Teacher training is required for participation. Students research the natural history of our state reptile, collect weekly growth data, make behavioral observations, and record husbandry protocols. Growth data are also collected during tagging just prior to release on the beaches of Poplar Island in May and June. The terrapins are implanted with a PIT (passive integrated transponder) microchip for identification. Upon recapture in future years, terrapins are scanned for tags and growth data compared to information collected in the classroom.

By raising and releasing these terrapins, students support important terrapin conservation research, conducted by Dr. Willem Roosenburg, Associate Professor of Biology at Ohio University and noted terrapin researcher. Classroom terrapin hatchlings are obtained from Poplar Island Environmental Restoration Site through an agreement with the Maryland Environmental Service, Army Corps of Engineers, and the Maryland Port Administration. Staff at Poplar Island provide assistance and support throughout the project. All terrapins are cared for with the oversight of Dr. Eileen Manyin, D.V.M. of the Greater Annapolis Veterinary Clinic.

Supporters: Army Corps of Engineers, Maryland Port Administration, Maryland Environmental Service, Chesapeake Bay Trust

 Reed & Eddy were released back to Poplar Island on 5/24
Hatched on 9/17/2020 these terrapins are a part of T.E.R.P. (Terrapin Education and Research Partnership) 

Congratulations to the winner of the Arlington Echo terrapin naming contest for ’20-’21
Lily M., 8th grader from Severn River Middle 

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