Drownproofing Grade 5

The Drownproofing Program is a comprehensive aquatic safety program for fifth grade students in Anne Arundel County Public Schools. Students learn personal water safety skills through classroom and pool instruction. At school, water safety readiness lessons are taught by classroom teachers; these lessons are aligned with the Language Arts curriculum. Students are then transported to one of two pools used for the program. The Arundel Olympic Swim Center in Annapolis is used throughout the school year. The pool at Arlington Echo is used in September, May and June. Each student receives four hours of instruction in the pool by certified aquatic safety instructors. Lessons focus on personal water safety, use of personal flotation devices (PFDs), safe rescues of others, cold water survival techniques, hypothermia and ice safety. Instructors complete a skills evaluation for each student. Classroom teachers recruit parent volunteers to assist with supervision. All volunteers undergo background checks.


In preparation for the Drownproofing Program, please follow the guidelines below. Classroom teachers will also share this information with students before the program.


Students are to bring the following equipment to the pool:

* Bathing suit, two towels and a carrying bag. Students may wish to wear their bathing suits under their clothing and bring a pair of underwear for changing.

* On the day of the Cold Water Survival lesson, a pair of long pants (jeans or athletic wear) and a long-sleeved button-down shirt (cotton or flannel) will be needed. Sweatshirts do not inflate well during this lesson.

* A brush or comb.

* A ponytail holder or rubber band for students with long hair.

* Goggles may be worn, but will not be allowed if they interfere with instruction.

* A T-shirt may be worn over the bathing suit.

* Neutral smelling lotions and hair de-tangle products can brought but not shared.


Students are NOT to bring:

* Money or valuables such as watches or jewelry.

* Hair dryers, shampoo, soap or hairstyling products such as hair gel or hair spray.

* Food, candy or chewing gum.

* Masks, nose plugs or aqua shoes.

* Cell phones or electronic devices.




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