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For adults without a backround in teaching young children, the idea of leading an activity with a group of students in the outdoors can be somewhat daunting! Relax! It’s not at difficult as you may expect. Here are some tips the Arlington Echo staff has put together for our generous activity leaders, and chaperones!

Tips for activity leaders:

  1. Start by having students sit comfortably in a circle or around the picnic table so they can all easily see and hear the introduction.
  2. Request their attention.
  3. Smile, introduce yourself and the lesson according to the lesson plan.
  4. Get students involved! Have them mix, measure, write on charts, etc. Give students jobs to assist with equipment clean-up, etc. (For example, “Who wants to collect the compasses?”)
  5. Use questions to keep students thinking and to promote discussion (rather than lecture). Encourage all students to participate.
  6. Pace the activity in order to stay on schedule.
  7. When outdoors, speak clearly and at an appropriate volume. If possible, stand with your back to the wind so that it carries your voice to students.
  8. Gather students in a small group (not in a line) to speak to them. Avoid walking and teaching at the same time.
  9. Stand so that the sun is not in students’ eyes. Sunglasses prevent eye contact, so do not wear them while you are speaking to the students.
  10. Use sun or shade to keep students comfortable.
  11. Turn cell phone, pager or other electronic devices to “OFF” or “VIBRATE.”
  12. Help students treat the environment and facilities with care.
  13. Have fun and show enthusiasm. It’s contagious!

    Tips for chaperones

    1. Smile and introduce yourself.
    2. Use a buddy system with younger students.
    3. Review expectations with each group: walk, stay together, and follow instructions.
    4. Praise good behavior whenever you see it.
    5. Don’t hesitate to address unsafe or inappropriate student behavior when necessary. You are in charge! Address behavior in a positive and calm way.
    6. Get involved with the students and the activity. Assist the instructor.
    7. Make bathroom stops between activities.
    8. If necessary, take students to health room or office for Band Aids or ice packs.
    9. Students should have adult supervision at all times.
    10. Try to stay on schedule.
    11. Help students treat the environment and facilities with care.