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April 21, 2018 from 10am-3pm


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The Anne Arundel County Public School Environmental Literacy Plan is an innovative curriculum project that prepares our students to become active and responsible stewards of our natural world. It is a Pre-K through grade twelve milti-disciplinary plan that connects traditional classroom activities to effective outdoor learning experiences. This is an exciting systemic and systematic approach that supports getting every student outdoors every year. At the same time, it aligns local and state curriculum standards and the Common Core Initiative.

Anne Arundel County is a unique Chesapeake watershed county with 12 river systems, 354 streams, and 540 miles of tidal shoreline. All students live a short distance from a waterway leading to the Chesapeake Bay. What better way to learn science, culture, and work of our communities than to move to our outdoor classrooms.

As a result of our Enironmental Literacy Plan, students will be prepared to tackle the difficult environmental issues in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, and the United States with 21st Century skills and knowledge. Environmentally literate students will be active and engaged citizens who will continue to care for the health and welfare of the world we live in.

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Chesapeake Stewards

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In the spring of 2009, we began to implement the Chesapeake Stewards initiative at Arlington Echo. The purpose is to inform students and parent volunteers about how their actions affect the Chesapeake Bay and to motivate them to take Bay-friendly actions when they return home.

Becoming a Chesapeake Steward is both easy, and rewarding! With education and motivation, any man, woman and child can become a Chesapeake Steward!


Proir to an Arlignton Echo trip, during planning with our teachers, we cover the expected outcomes of their outdoor experience. We ask the teachers to explain to their students that we want to improve our efforts to promote environmental literacy. Environmental literacy is explained as knowledge, skills, experiences, attitudes and motivations that lead to environmentally responsible actions. Therefore, we want to challenge the students to become Chesapeake Stewards—people who take action to help the Bay.


CHESAPEAKE_STEWARDS_MAGNETSMDuring their trip, all aspects of the experience are tied to becoming a Chesapeake Steward. All lessons, and meals tie material to everyday life of our students, and provide easy can-do solutions to our environmental issues. At the end of the trip, each student recieves a magnet to take home which gives simple examples of things they can do at home and at school, to set an example for others and to motivate themselves to continue to act as a Chesapeake Steward even when no one is watching.


Some of the easy can-do things students can do, are to plant more trees, catch rainwater (with rain barrels, etc.), reduce fertilizer use, pick up pet waste, compost uneaten food, recycle, reduce energy use, prevent erosion (by planting rain gardens, and slowing down rainwater), and keeping our land and stormdrains free of litter.