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// Weight
$db = JFactory::getDbo();
$query = $db->getQuery(true);

$all_weights = $db->loadColumn();
$array_count = count($all_weights);

$total_weight = 0;
for ($i=0; $i<=$array_count; $i++) {
$total_weight = $all_weights[$i] + $total_weight;

$group_average_weight = $total_weight / $array_count;

// Carapace Length

$query = $db->getQuery(true);

$all_carapace_lengths = $db->loadColumn();

$group_average_carapace_length = array_sum($all_carapace_lengths) / count($all_carapace_lengths);

// Carapace Width

$query = $db->getQuery(true);

$all_carapace_widths = $db->loadColumn();

$group_average_carapace_width = array_sum($all_carapace_widths) / count($all_carapace_widths);

// Plastron Length

$query = $db->getQuery(true);

$all_plastron_lengths = $db->loadColumn();

$group_average_plastron_length = array_sum($all_plastron_lengths) / count($all_plastron_lengths);

// Shell Height

$query = $db->getQuery(true);

$all_shell_heights = $db->loadColumn();

$group_average_shell_height = array_sum($all_shell_heights) / count($all_shell_heights);


Statistics for All Terrapins

Total Number of Records {source}<?php echo $array_count; ?>{/source} measurments
Average Weight {source}<?php echo round($group_average_weight,2); ?>{/source} grams
Maximum Weight {source}<?php echo round(max($all_weights),2); ?>{/source} grams
Minimum Weight {source}<?php echo round(min($all_weights),2); ?>{/source} grams
Average Carpace Length  {source}<?php echo round($group_average_carapace_length,2); ?>{/source} cm
Maximum Carapace Length  {source}<?php echo round(max($all_carapace_lengths),2); ?>{/source} cm
Minimum Carapace Length  {source}<?php echo round(min($all_carapace_lengths),2); ?>{/source} cm
Average Carapace Width  {source}<?php echo round($group_average_carapace_width,2); ?>{/source} cm
Maximum Carapace Width  {source}<?php echo round(max($all_carapace_widths),2); ?>{/source} cm
Minimum Carapace Width  {source}<?php echo round(min($all_carapace_widths),2); ?>{/source} cm
Average Plastron Length  {source}<?php echo round($group_average_plastron_length,2); ?>{/source} cm
Maximum Plastron Length  {source}<?php echo round(max($all_plastron_lengths),2); ?>{/source} cm
Minimum Plastron Length  {source}<?php echo round(min($all_plastron_lengths),2); ?>{/source} cm
Average Shell Height  {source}<?php echo round($group_average_shell_height,2); ?>{/source} cm
Maximum Shell Height  {source}<?php echo round(max($all_shell_heights),2); ?>{/source} cm
Minimum Shell Height  {source}<?php echo round(min($all_shell_heights),2); ?>{/source} cm

Why We Collect Data

T.E.R.P. (Terrapin Education and Research Partnership) is an authentic data-driven research project conducted in partnership with Dr. Willem Roosenburg of Ohio University and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Participating classrooms are required to collect weekly growth data on their classroom terrapins and submit their last weekly measurement as their “monthly” measurements. Growth data is extremely important, not only as an important scientific process for your students, but also helps us analyze growth trends and identify potential health issues. We are also required to submit growth data as a condition of our Maryland Department of Natural Resources Scientific Collection Permit.


T.E.R.P. Teachers can submit and access their data through the TERP Brightspace page.

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