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Millersville, MD 21108
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 Not offered for 2021

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 LTS 2019

The Learn to Swim Program is an expansion of the Outdoor Education Program’s commitment to water safety education. Seven different courses will be offered:

Pre-School Level I for ages 3 & 4

Pre-School Level II for ages 3 & 4

Level I: Introduction to Water Skills

Level II: Fundamental Aquatic Skills

Level III: Stroke Development

Level IV: Stroke Improvment

Level V: Stroke Refinement

The program objectives are to orient students to the aquatic environment, gain and build on basic skills, learn and refine different strokes, and acquire personal safety and rescue skills.

Course Descriptions:

Pre-School – Level I (ages 3 & 4) Designed to develop a comfort level in and around the water as a readiness for learning to swim. It does not teach young children to be accomplished swimmers. It does provide the parent with necessary knowledge/skills to orient their child to the water. The emphasis is on having fun. Parent participation in the water is required.

Pre-School Level II (ages 3 & 4) Designed for the pre-school age child who is completely adjusted to and comfortable in the water. The child willingly swims under the water and has some swimming abilities.

Introduction to Water Skills- Level I Designed for the true beginner who is afraid of the water. Basic skills (water adjustment, floats, breath control, personal safety) will be taught as students progress through the program.

Fundamental Aquatic Skills – Level II Designed for the beginner who is comfortable in the water and has some basic shallow water skills. Students will learn to float without support, recover to a vertical position and begin to move through the water without support.

Stroke Development – Level III Students will learn the front and back crawl, elementary backstroke, fundamentals of treading water and diving from the side of the pool. Prerequisite: Some deep water swimming experience. Student must also be able to independently execute the prone float, back float, crawl stroke, and combined back stroke.

Stroke Improvement – Level IV Designed to increase endurance by swimming the elementary backstroke, front crawl and back crawl. The breastroke, sidestroke and the basics of turns will be taught. Prerequisite: Must be able to execute the front crawl with proper breathing, back crawl stroke and elementary backstroke.

Stroke Refinement – Level V Designed to increase endurance and master the crawlstroke, back crawl, breastroke and sidestroke. The butterfly will be introduced. Prerequisite: Students must be able to demonstrate the skills taught in Level IV.



9:00 am
9:40 am

Introduction to Water Skills-Level I (ages 5-7)

Fundamental Aquatic Skills-Level II

(ages 8-11)

Stroke Refinement-Level V
9:45 am
10:25 am

Fundamental Aquatic skills -Level II

(ages 5-7)

Stroke Development -Level III (ages 6-8)
Stroke Improvement-Level IV
10:30 am
11:10 am
Pre-school-Level II (ages 3-4)

Fundamental Aquatic Skills-Level II

(ages 5-7)

Stroke Development-Level III (ages 8-11)
11:15 am
11:55 am
Pre-School-Level I (ages 3-4)
Stroke Improvement-Level IV
Stroke Development-Level III
Skill Screening:
To insure proper placement of your child in the appropriate class, a screening for each session will be offered. This will be an opportunity to meet the instructors and for the student to demonstrate his or her current swimming ability.
Thursday, June 25
5:30pm-6:30 pm Pre-school I, Pre-school II and Levels I and II

6:30 pm-7:30 pm Levels III, IV and V

Instructors are the professional summer aquatic education staff at Arlington Echo. They are certified in lifeguarding, Standard First Aid, CPR and have aquatic teaching experience. Contact Heather McCarthy with any questions about the program. hhmccarthy@aacps.org 410-222-3822. 


Cost(Prepaid) : $70 for one child. $65 for each additional child. (8-forty minute lessons)

Payment/Refund Policy:
Full payment is due 30 days prior to start of camp. If full payment is not received by this time, your child’s reservation will not be held. After this date, we cannot guarantee that space will be available when your payment is received. If a cancellation is made before the 30 day time period, a 100% refund will be issued (with a $10 processing fee). If a cancellation is made any time between 30-15 days prior to the start of camp, a 50% refund will be issued (with a $10 processing fee). No refunds will be issued 14 days or less prior to the start of camp. Additionally, there shall be no partial refund granted for any camper’s late arrival, early withdrawal, non-arrival or dismissal for cause. All cancellations must be received in writing.


Application Procedures:

1. Submit a paper application via mail, register by phone (call Arlington Echo at 410-222-3822), or REGISTER ONLINE Not offered for 2021.
2. The fee must be paid at the time of registration. Make check payable to Anne Arundel County Public Schools and mail to Arlington Echo       Outdoor Education Center 975 Indian Landing Rd. Millersville, MD 21108 OR credit cards also accepted. To pay by credit card, call 410-222-   3822.
3. Classes are filled on a “first come” basis” 
4. To download and print a scholarship application form, click here