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Teacher Resources

Thursday, 11 March 2010 14:45

Teacher Resources

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This section is aimed at providing our teachers with information and resources to enhance their activities and lessons associated with environmental and outdoor education both in and out of the classroom.

MSDE Environmental Education - MDE’s education programs provide resources for classroom teachers, outdoor educators, club leaders, and others to teach students of all ages about our environment.

Bay Backpack - Learn some creative ways to integrate the Chesapeake Bay and environmental issues into your classroom lessons. Search through the Bay Backpack's books, multimedia, curriculum guides, individual lesson plans and online data sources about the subjects you are teaching in class.

MAEOE's How To: Native Plants  - Guide on choosing and finding native MD plants for your schoolyard habitat.

MAEOE MD Green Schools  - How to become a Maryland Green School.

Project WET Curriculum Alignments (Elementary) - Once certified in Project WET, consult this guide to incorporate the environmental lessons without needing to extend beyond the existing curriculum.  To learn more about Project WET, visit www.projectwet.org.

Field Trip Opportunities:

Jug Bay Wetlands Sactuary

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Field Programs

Living Classrooms Foundation

Environmental Education State and National News:

Children in Nature  - MD Department of Natural Resources partnership

No Child Left Inside - Coalition dedicated to provide funding to train teachers to deliver high quality Environmental Education and utilize the local environment as an extension of the classroom.