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Head Outside!
A video series.

Staff from the Environmental Literacy and Outdoor Education program of Anne Arundel County Public Schools are heading outside to explore nature! Follow Arlington Echo’s friends in their outdoor adventures to see what they discover. What can you find?

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Head Outside! Crabbing 101
Summer is coming to a close, but crabbing season isn’t! Keep the summer fun going all the way through December with these crabbing tips from #AEstaff Liz and Sarah!

Head Outside Summer 2020 Challenge!

The Arlington Echo Head Outside Summer 2020 Challenge is officially here! Each week, Arlington Echo staff will call on you to go outside and complete one outdoor feat. Play along at home to see if you can beat our staff’s personal records and work your way up the Summer Challenge leaderboard!

Are YOU up to the challenge?

Summer Challenge #8 
Melanie is challenging you to use your sneaky skills and camouflage yourself in nature! Can you spot her as she hides in plain sight?

Summer Challenge #7 
Sheen is challenging YOU to make the biggest splash in a puddle. There is rain in the forecast this weekend- perfect for this Head Outside Summer challenge! How big of a splash can you make?

Summer Challenge #6 
Liz gathers other Arlington Echo staff members to put their rock skipping skills to the test! Can you beat our staff record? How many times can you skip one rock? Are YOU up for the challenge?

Summer Challenge #5 
Amber is challenging YOU to find shapes in the clouds- watch to see all of the cool things she found!

Summer Challenge #4 
Heather is challenging you to go outside and find shapes in nature! Can you beat her numbers?

Summer Challenge #3 
Mallory, Liz and Amber count fireflies in their backyard. How many fireflies can they count before the timer runs out? Can you beat their record?

Summer Challenge #2 
Can you beat Lauren’s fern count? Good Luck!

Summer Challenge #1 
Chloe beats her personal best in looking for insects! Can you beat her record?

Head Outside! Learning about Beavers and Hydrology

Head Outside! Learning about Beavers and Hydrology 

Ted talks with Hydrologist and Civil Engineer, Anne Connor about beavers and their connection to habitats. Watch with us to learn all about these magnificent creatures!

Head Outside! Let’s Learn About Sound

Head Outside! Let’s Learn About Sound 

How do you make a sound? What instruments can you find outside? Explore all of these things and more with Ms. Nan! What music can you find in nature?

Head Outside! Let’s Observe Insects!

Head Outside! Let’s Observe Insects!

Mallory shows us how to explore the different insects that live near our homes! You could say she’s “buzzing” about it! What kind of insects can you discover with this cool experiment?

Head Outside! Make Your Own Container Garden

Happy National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month! Eoin shows us how to build your very own container garden, filled with delicious home-grown vegetables! What a fun way to get into nature! Have you tried growing your own food?

Head Outside! Garbage to Garden – 5/29/20

Happy National Compost Day! Liz, Amber, and Gladney teach us about composting, and show us just three of the ways we can create our own compost at home. Composting can be a super simple way to help our Earth and it can be done almost anywhere, in many different ways. Let’s celebrate it! For more about composting, check out some basic compost instructions.

Head Outside! Let’s Explore the Water – 5/22/20

Happy National Biodiversity Day! Kyle and Sarah see what critters they can find living in their local rivers and streams! Join them as they discover organisms of all shapes and sizes. What aquatic organisms can you find near you?

Head Outside! Building a Water Safety Checklist – 5/15/20

Did you know that May is National Water Safety Month!? Heather and the Drownproofing team show us how to build a water safety checklist for exploring our waterways! What should you put on your water safety checklist? Follow along to find out!

Head Outside! Light Tree ID: Eastern Redbud – 5/8/20

Lauren shares a few quick tricks on how to easily identify Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis). Try putting your skills to the test in your neighborhood!

Head Outside! Meet Our Aquatic Friends – 5/1/20

This week, Chloe takes us on a tour to meet all of the aquatic animals that live at Arlington Echo! Each of these animals helps educate our visitors- and they are all unique in their own way. What wild personalities can you notice in your neighborhood?

Head Outside! All About Skunk Cabbage – 4/24/20

This week, Ms. Mel helps us explore a plant that you may see around Maryland this time of year- skunk cabbage! What does it look like, and why does it have that name? Watch this week’s episode to find out!

Head Outside! Light Tree ID: Pine – 4/17/20

Lauren shares a few quick tricks to help with some light tree identification. See if you can find the three pine species discussed in the video in your neighborhood! What other tree species can you identify?

Head Outside! DIY Backyard Bird Feeder – 4/11/20

Sarah shows us how to get crafty and make a DIY bird feeder! Follow along to make your own ‘tweet’ craft! What birds can you see in your area?

Head Outside! Let’s Remove Invasive Species! – 4/4/20

Mallory teaches us about invasive species, and how to remove them from your own natural spaces. What invasive species can you find? Arlington Echo is challenging you to help remove some invasive species and help natural spaces!

Head Outside! Explore the Forest – 3/28/20

Walk with Liz and her family while they discover the forest!