Arlington Echo

Arlington Echo Outdoor Education Center offers Anne Arundel County students year-round opportunities to experience the natural environment.  The Outdoor Education programs at Arlington Echo use environmental and outdoor learning to enhance, extend and enrich classroom curriculum. Arlington Echo mainly hosts fourth grade elementary students on day and overnight trips, but also hosts middle, and high school groups from time to time . During their stay, students participate in environmental and outdoor lessons on a variety of topics relating to the Cheaspeake Bay and its surroundings. While developing a positive environmental ethic and sense of stewardship, students learn the meaning of respecting each other as well as respecting the environment.  By the end of their residential experience, students are given the tools necessary to become Chesapeake Stewards, and have gained the knowledge to protect and preserve the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed at home, school, and on their own.

The Outdoor Education Program began with the renting of a church camp in Millersville from the Arlington Presbyterian Church in Baltimore. Three years later, in 1971, the Board of Education purchased the 24-acre site, called Camp Arlington Echo. Later, the program grew to include site improvement, turning the original rustic camp into a year-round facility with heated cabins, a large Dining Hall, an instructional Resource Lab, and Field Hall. Arlington Echo remains the primary residential program facility for Anne Arundel County Public Schools.  Arlington Echo recently began to restore natural habitats to the site, including two bogs, native gardens, and a natural shoreline. Presently, Arlington Echo continues to update and add to the program’s instructional resources, education materials, and equipment.



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Who We Are

We are the Office of Environmental Literacy and Outdoor Education Program of Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

For over 40 years we have provided an interdisciplinary outdoor education program for Anne Arundel County teachers, students, and parents by utilizing our site in Millersville as well as other satellite sites throughout the county. Each school year we serve over 25,000+ students and 8,000+ adults at our outdoor education facilities.

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