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    Arlington Echo Outdoor Education Center offers Anne Arundel County students year-round opportunities to experience the
  • Environmental Literacy in AACPS from dreams to reality!

    The Anne Arundel County Public School Environmental Literacy Plan is an innovative curriculum project that
  • Chesapeake Stewards

    In the spring of 2009, we began to implement the Chesapeake Stewards initiative at Arlington
  • Maryland Green Schools

    Become a Maryland Green School! The Maryland Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education (MAEOE) offers
  • Summer Camps

    Arlington Echo's Outdoor Education program, in partnership with the Arts, and Classical Languages programs of
  • Rain Barrels

    Buy yours today! Throughout Arlington Echo we have Rain Barrels attached to the downspout of
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Our Mission

“To empower students of all ages through authentic hands-on outdoor experiences with the environmental knowledge, skills, and motivation to make and act upon responsible environmental decisions.”

Welcome to the AACPS Outdoor Education website!

Is your child's class taking a trip to Arlington Echo? First time being a chaperone or activity leader? Check out some of the information below!


Our Address is
975 Indian Landing Rd.
Millersville, MD 21108

Map and directions to Arlignton Echo


For adults without a backround in teaching young children, the idea of leading an activity with a group of students in the outdoors can be somewhat daunting! Relax! It's not at difficult as you may expect. Here are some tips the Arlington Echo Staff has put together for our generous activity leaders, and chaperones!

Tips for chaperones

  1. Smile and introduce yourself.
  2. Use a buddy system with younger students.
  3. Review expectations with each group: walk, stay together, and follow instructions.
  4. Praise good behavior whenever you see it.
  5. Don’t hesitate to address unsafe or inappropriate student behavior when necessary. You are in charge! Address behavior in a positive and calm way.
  6. Get involved with the students and the activity. Assist the instructor.
  7. Make bathroom stops between activities.
  8. If necessary, take students to health room or office for Band Aids or ice packs.
  9. Students should have adult supervision at all times.
  10. Try to stay on schedule.
  11. Help students treat the environment and facilities with care.


For adults without a backround in teaching young children, the idea of leading an activity with a group of students in the outdoors can be somewhat daunting! Relax! It's not at difficult as you may expect. Here are some tips the Arlington Echo Staff has put together for our generous activity leaders, and chaperones!

 Tips for activity leaders 

  1. Start by having students sit comfortably in a circle or around the picnic table so they can all easily see and hear the introduction.
  2. Request their attention.
  3. Smile, introduce yourself and the lesson according to the lesson plan.
  4. Get students involved! Have them mix, measure, write on charts, etc. Give students jobs to assist with equipment clean-up, etc. (For example, “Who wants to collect the compasses?”)
  5. Use questions to keep students thinking and to promote discussion (rather than lecture). Encourage all students to participate.
  6. Pace the activity in order to stay on schedule.
  7. When outdoors, speak clearly and at an appropriate volume. If possible, stand with your back to the wind so that it carries your voice to students.
  8. Gather students in a small group (not in a line) to speak to them. Avoid walking and teaching at the same time.
  9. Stand so that the sun is not in students’ eyes. Sunglasses prevent eye contact, so do not wear them while you are speaking to the students.
  10. 1Use sun or shade to keep students comfortable.
  11. Turn cell phone, pager or other electronic devices to “OFF” or “VIBRATE.”
  12. Help students treat the environment and facilities with care.
  13. Have fun and show enthusiasm. It’s contagious!

What to Bring

For Day trips, Make sure to check the weather and dress appropriately. Bring a reuseable water bottle, and a change of clothes (just in case!). Closed toe shoes are a requirement on site (that means no flip-flops or crocs!), and are for your own safety!

For overnight trips, make sure you and your child come prepared for the weather! Check out our sample checklists (warm weather and cold weather) by clicking the link below.

Equipment Checklist (Overnight)


Depending on which school your child addends, Trips to Arlington Echo are scheduled as day trips, or overnight trips. Not sure? Find out from your child's teacher prior to the date of your trip.

Day Trips typically run from the school's arrival at 10:00AM to departure at 5:00PM. Lunch and snack are included.

Overnight Trips typically run from the school's arrival on Day 1 at 10:00AM to departure on Day 2 at 2:00 PM. Lunch, Dinner, and Breakfast, along with snack, are included each day.

SAMPLE Overnight Schedule

What to Expect

While at Arlington Echo, students will be challenged to put environmental ideals into action. During the day, the students will travel around campus while experiencing three different modules of activities involving Land, Water, and Habitat. While moving through activities, students will gather information in order to develop an educated and environmentally responsible answer to an overwhelming question: How can we help the Chesapeake Bay? Activities involving marsh mucking, canoeing, seining, stormwater investigation, along with many others will take place.

During meals, the students are challenged to be Waste Watchers by minimizing the amount of food waste created. By learning how to follow the "Take what you like, Eat what you take" philosophy and by participating in our on-site composting, the students become determined to have a "Zero Waste" meal.

Our main goal is "Enabling students and parents to respect and care for our natural environment even when no one is watching" and to take home the information learned, and practice it in their everyday lives.

Purchase Echo Rain Barrels

Benefits you and the Environment!rainbarrel_small.jpg

Conveniently collect and conserve water, reduce the high energy water from your roof and transport airborne and deposited nutrients to your garden plants.

 Read More

Did you know?

The Outdoor Education Program began with the renting of a church camp in Millersville from the Arlington Presbyterian Church in Baltimore.


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Who We Are

We are the Office of Environmental Literacy and Outdoor Education Program of Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

For over 40 years we have provided an interdisciplinary outdoor education program for Anne Arundel County teachers, students, and parents by utilizing our site in Millersville as well as other satellite sites throughout the county. Each school year we serve over 25,000+ students and 8,000+ adults at our outdoor education facilities.

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you find it enjoyable and informative. If you have any questions, please contact us!